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One of the things many people want, at least once in their lives, to see is a bike tour to Ladakh. There are other people, including the Leh Ladakh bike trip, who have been pros on epic bike expeditions. Whether you are pro or not, you are confronted by new adventures when you cycle to Leh. It pushes you physically and mentally; it is ready for rough grounds and unpredictable weather.

leh ladakh trek

The route has become known as one of the world’s top road Ladakh bike trip. That’s right! Mountains covered in snow, narrow roads with steep curves, mountains of Karakoram, old monasteries and many surreal spots add more dimension to your voyage.

The way to Leh is now open, so the motorcycles are ready to pull the equipment. And as the popular saying says, ‘precauci√≥n es mejor que cura,’ we have some tips to keep in mind while you are on an expedition.

  • The routes to Leh differ from two: Manali and Srinagar from one. 1. 1. It is around 476 km from Manali to Leh, while it is around 434 km from Srinagar to Leh. The most preferred route is however the Manali, which crosses dangerous terrain and some of the world’s highest motorway passes. Our advice is to choose Srinagar as you will gradually climb up the high terrain rather quickly and steeply.
  • Mid-May to October is the best time for cycling to Ladakh. From mid-May, roads from Srinagar are opened while after May, route Manali is opened. Only in the autumn and in the summer you can take this Ladakh bike trip.
  • The Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), which will hit you some time, should be ready to deal with. Everything depends on and is prepared according to your coping mechanism.
  • Keep hydrated, remember. Try to drink three to four liters of water each day.
  • When you reach Leh, try not to change to your intense yoga mode. At such high altitude, even brisk walks take a toll on you. Wait for enough acclimatization to your body.
  • Get ready for a long-distance journey. Work with your stamina and go jogging.
  • Ensure that your ILP (Internal Line Permit) is in order after reaching Leh. You must go to the DC office in Leh to get your own permits.
  • Be not in a pursuit. Take a steady break and give yourself the sweet time to slowly acknowledge the beauty of the place.
  • During your Ladakh bike trip, avoid tobacco and drink.
  • Instead of relying on the ATM, you should carry more cash.
  • If you want your extremities and the head to be intact in case of an unfortunate incident, wear protective biking equipment.
  • Try transporting additional petrol, because the pumps on the stretch are sparse.
  • Carry a special puncture kit, cables, clutch cables, tubes, air pump, and binding fuses with you.
  • You will not be cost a dime to smile at strangers. Be a tourist responsible and try to be pleasant to the truck drivers too! If things go wrong by chance, trucks are the best way to call for assistance.
  • Try to stay in your route for a few days extra. If you run on a tight schedule, it’s not a good idea to visit Leh on a bike.

The country’s adventure capital is where the top three higher mountain passes in the world are located. This is a destination with strong ties with Tibetan culture and Buddhism. The city has an Eastern perspective from architecture to cuisine. It’s a very popular tourist destination for those who love an isolated place for many outdoor activities which pump adrenaline into their brains. Ladakh is a stretch of rocky hills of vegetation, snow, convents and water bodies, which usually stand like block ice. The mountain passes are rocky.

It’s all exciting about Ladakh. Here are unique sightseeing spots. Notwithstanding the tropical destination, nothing is clich√© here.

Are you prepared to visit the natural beauty oasis? This ancient wild site is distinguished from the busy city life, with monasteries several hundred years old. This is the place for children in their hearts. Are you prepared to enjoy the rawest possible snow and mountains? Safari, trekking, camping, mountain biking, climbing and shopping are all the enjoyable hobbies of Ladakh. This white wild ice desert gives your memories a nice touch.

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