Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review: The Best Phone Money Can Buy

It’s a big year for the iPhone, which now comes with a new design , new display technology, the first 5 nm processor in the world, 5G, Magsafe, and more. Only looking at all of these characteristics would make a person appreciate all the effort the company has put into it to make it a finished product that you have.

 Within the latest iPhones, every single piece of technology makes you feel as though you are living with a phone built for the future. And getting a future-ready phone is a positive thing since you wouldn’t be running for a mid-year update that would have been done by many other mobile manufacturers. 

I would personally suggest that you splurge a little and go for the iPhone 12 Pro of the two versions currently out, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro. With the extra telephoto scope, the stainless steel frame, and much more, I feel the company has a lot of deals for the price difference. I’m also going to like to note that the frosted back glass is absolutely awesome on the Pacific Blue colorway. 

We’re going to take a look at how the iPhone 12 Pro works here and should it be the phone that you should turn to next?

IPhone 12 Pro Analysis for Apple: Concept


Whether it be tablets, laptops, or some other gadget, I’ve always favored boxy and industrial design items. And just picking up the 12 Pro iPhone made me drool. The square-cut overall style, flush monitor, and back panel make it feel perfect and seamless. The iPhone 12 Pro stands out in front of all other smartphones currently available on the market due to this new design. Looking at and using it also makes most other smartphone designs feel outdated.Holding the latest boxy style aside, the iPhone 12 Pro feels a little smaller and much easier to manage than the iPhone 11 Pro of the last year.


New features such as 5 G and MagSafe are also brought in by the new design. 5 G testing here in India is a little complicated, and we’re going to have to wait until at least 2021 to do that. Another technology introduced by Apple to the iPhone 12 series is MagSafe, and I have to say it’s the ideal complement to the new iPhones. Later, more on MagSafe. Featuring a glossy stainless steel case, the iPhone 12 Pro makes it look premium. Stainless steel, like aluminum, is a hard material that is much more difficult to scratch or dent than most other metals. The matte back just makes it look classy with the glossy camera outlay. It is a phone that I did not want to cover up at all during my testing period due to all of these design signals. And, luckily, it’s made of luxury materials such as stainless steel and ceramic shield glass, so I’m not afraid to hurt this beauty.

Analysis of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro: Glass


The new monitor for the iPhone 12 series comes with Ceramic Shield cover on top. In essence, the Ceramic Shield is a combination glass and a ceramic polymer that is much stronger than the normal glass. And arguably much tougher than any other commercially available mobile glasses.With Ceramic Shield, Apple claims that four times better drop output and better scratch resistance are available for the iPhone 12 Pro. All of this is fine on the iPhone, but I’m also not going to suggest dropping your iPhone, as you’d miss a beat while it dropped.There is no Ceramic Shield glass on the back panel, so it is much more vulnerable to drops, but the fresh nature will help with the longevity.


Analysis Of The Apple iPhone 12 Pro: Show

The iPhone 12 Pro comes with an OLED XDR 6.1-inch display. And it looks cute. I’d go as far as to suggest that you should have to consume content like Apple TV, Netflix, YouTube, and more as one of the only phones. 

With the graphics looking crisp and true to life, gaming is also very wonderful on this show. I played several games on Apple Arcade, including LEGO Brawls, Team Sonic Racing, Pac-Man Party, and more, and other games such as Asphalt 9: Legends and Call of Duty: Smartphone. Playing all these games made me feel completely absorbed and, thanks to such a beautiful show, made me forget about the clock. 

The only hiccup I felt was that a 60Hz panel was used and not a higher refresh rate panel. But that only happened when scrolling a lot. The show’s answer was otherwise entirely apt. And everyone who purchases an iPhone 12 Pro would love the show. The bezels and notches remain the same as the older generation, but after a day or two of use, you will gradually stop seeing them.

Analysis of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro: MagSafe

MagSafe is a magnificent piece of technology. At Rs 4,500, the latest MagSafe charger is worth every penny. 

Thanks to the magnets, it aligns well with the iPhone 12 Pro and is also capable of charging from the Apple online store via the Apple case. 

Both official devices are compatible with MagSafe, allowing the phone to realize that they are connected and also allowing the MagSafe wireless charger to charge through the cases and wallets. Another advantage of the MagSafe charger is that it does not force you to leave your phone in one position, unlike any other wireless charging pad, as it stays connected to the unit even when using it. 

Also, as it does it itself, it does not need you to find the ideal place to place your phone and charge it.

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Honestly , I think your lightning cable will be lying around a corner collecting dust after you get the MagSafe charger, because of the ease and ingenuity of the connection. So I highly recommend that you splurge a little and get the unit along with the MagSafe adapter.

Review for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro: Performance


The Apple iPhone 12 Pro is the most powerful smartphone I have tested so far, hands down. The Apple A14 Bionic is the first commercially available chipset manufactured using the 5 nm process. This lets the company save space within the phone to provide better hardware and, compared to chipsets created using an older method, is also considerably fast.



You may not get the technical terms mentioned above, but know that without breaking a sweat, the system can easily handle any job you throw at it. While switching between them via matches, or even doing most of your office work on it, you could play multiple hardcore games on the computer, and the device would not display even a strand of lag.

The phone gave a score much higher than any other currently available phone when placed through benchmark tests. This just goes to show us, when it comes to phone reliability, how far Apple leads the pack. Even four or five years in the future, an iPhone 12 Pro will remain incredibly fast in layman terms, but a rival smartphone will reveal its age in around three to four years.


The easiest mobile gaming experience I have had to date was playing games on Apple Arcade. It was a buttery smooth experience to play many titles, try to find the one that is my beat, and then instantly move to watch the Morning Show on Apple TV+. And even though the phone didn’t get too hot when spending about six hours playing and watching TV shows. It was carried comfortably and asked for a more vigorous workout.


As result, the chip and the inside play a part, but the software also plays a major role in providing a smooth UI. And one of the most refined versions of iOS I have ever used was iOS 14. It has made the UI look and feels more special by adding features such as an app drawer and widgets, and these new features are more useful than you can expect.

Analysis of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro: Cameras

Cameras are where a big jump over the 12 is made by the iPhone 12 Pro. It is also one of the key reasons why a person would choose to get the Pro version.

On the back of the iPhone 12 Pro, a triple camera array is composed of a wide-angle sensor, an ultra-wide-angle sensor, and a 2x zoom lens. Personally, over an ultra wide-angle sensor, I prefer the zoom lens as it helps to take much better portrait images.


In low light, the extra LiDAR scanner helps a lot in detecting the faces of people. In addition, it also helps with quick autofocusing, not allowing you to tap on a topic over and over again to gain attention.

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On the iPhone 12 Pro, taking pictures in natural light is an experience of its own. The photos appear clear, vibrant, colorful, sharp, and have a strong variety of dynamics. But, all this was supposed to come from it. If you’ve ever used an iPhone, then you know you’ve always got one of the best mobile cameras in your hands.


The only interesting thing about this is that on all 12MP sensors, you can use Night Mode. On most other flagship smartphones, this is not something we can claim.

Images of the Night Mode on the iPhone 12 Pro come out like magic. Images taken in almost pitch-black conditions, with almost no grain in them, often appear very bright and pleasing. I’d also say the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro can even turn night into day.


Apple has even gone so far as to include in the front camera the Night Mode feature too. For a lot of people who want to take selfies in dark settings (at parties, around a bonfire, and more), this comes as a savior.


Thanks to the LiDAR sensor, Night Mode images taken with the rear camera setup also have a big benefit, as it also records the depth map of the objects to make the pictures more realistic.


Smart features such as Smart HDR 3 for improved image processing, Dolby Vision video recording, and Deep Fusion for image enhancement also come with all of the cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro.

The ability to capture, edit, and play Dolby Vision content in 4 K at 60fps is supported by the iPhone 12 Pro. The video recorded using the Dolby Vision phone is just incredible, and the phone’s image stabilization is unrivaled. The quality of the Dolby Vision video output was incredibly realistic, leaving me awestruck with each and every frame looking true to life.


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