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Is it possible to carry puppies on a plane?

It’s super fun and glamorous to get into new locals. But what’s up with getting there? Well, really that’s half the fun. If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you may know how it really feels. The air, noise, airport queues, delayed connections, and domestic flights are all very unpleasant for individuals. So, can you only imagine how bad it can be for pets? This will cause more tension for them if there is a long international flight.

Animals in plane

Now the key question is is it possible to carry puppies on a plane? Well, if you see the airlines’ current situation and operation, it can be said that you can carry puppies on the plane with you. In reality, most airlines are now allowing their passengers to carry their pets, dogs, cats, and more.

Airlines are now not only cramming more individuals on their flights; they are also increasingly welcoming pets. Flying on a plane with your little friend will, however, generate a lot of questions. For instance, how does it work to travel with a non-emotional and non-service service?


And what’s the cost? Is it secure for the procedure? And much more.

Well, you can find the process a little difficult, but by doing your homework ahead of time, you can make it easy. To build a cabin-like condition, some aircraft offer pressurized cargo hold, where you will be sitting. It would be nice for your dog, then. In addition, as the room for the pets is limited, you need to go for advance reservations. Now let’s take a look at some other data that can assist you with this.

Travelling in the cargo hold with your little buddy:

Well, you can bring pets to the check-in counter, depending on the type of airline, and hold them like your usual suitcase. For Alaska and American airlines, this option is open. A separate cargo drop-off is provided by some airlines. No matter what airline you want within ten days of your departure date, you will have to get a valid health certificate from a licensed vet. However, if the length of your travel is longer than that, then at the destination you will have to receive another certificate.

Any big airlines and their rates and limitations

American: You can fly with your dog on certain non-Airbus aircraft with this airline as checked-in luggage. You would have to pay about USD 200 for each route to do this. In addition, the temperature of the soil should be above 45 degrees F. It should be noted that on A321, A321S, A321H, A320, and A319 aircraft, inspected pets are now permitted.

Alaska: You can ship your dog or check it as freight with this airline. As per the airline’s rules, if the outside temperature is high, they can refuse to take an animal. The airline doesn’t mention any restrictions, however. Speaking of the rate, it would have been around USD 100.

United: To ship them, you should take your pets to a different cargo place. Per ride, for the easy way, it can cost you about USD 125. Moreover, the crate of your pet must meet the specifications set by the airline. Given the extreme outside temperature, for a few months, the airline could face a position restriction.

Delta: You are authorized to ship them as freight. The temperate soil should however be between 20 and 80 degrees F. The cost would be about USD 125 in North America, and it would be around USD 200 globally.

Understand the flying cons and pros

Take your time before getting them on a plane and consider if it’s really important to have the dog on the plane or not? The same is proposed by all veterinary experts. In general, if you do not travel permanently or you are going on a long journey, the experts recommend that you do not fly with your pets.


Any other helpful tips for keeping your puppies happy on an aircraft

Remember the size and age of your dog. This is something that will decide where your pet lies, as discussed above. Most U.S. airlines allow you to bring old puppies in the cabin for about eight weeks and you will have to pay about USD 100 for each route. In addition, you need to make sure your pets are in an approved carrier and fit under the seat perfectly. This would be known as carry-on baggage for all the airlines. Some airlines may have a 15 to the 20-pound weight limit. So, keep it all in mind.

1. Pick a suitable carrier.

You need to choose the correct carrier or crate in order to make the trip easier for your dog or other pets on the plane. The larger part of the U.S. Airlines comply with the International Air Travel Association regulations and have a list that provides information on the specifications of the pet carrier. The crate should be durable and adequate to ventilate, leak-proof bottom as per the rules. You should mark the pet carrier with the words “Live Animal” as well. In addition, make sure the crate has a label that includes your phone number, address, name, destination details, and more.

2. Special consideration needed for violent puppies

For example, some dog breeds, Bulldogs and Rottweiler, are very violent. So, for certain animals, airlines have issued special restrictions. You need to make sure during the journey that they can’t hurt anyone.

3. Specific consideration of dogs with short-noses

If you have a pug, in certain cases, he/she can face breathing difficulties. For short-nosed dogs, airlines have certain limitations. Read it accordingly.

4. The weather is going to play an important part.

During severe cold and hot temperatures, some airlines do not allow you to bring dogs, as it may cause serious health problems and your dog can die. So, ask the airlines about this before booking.

5. You still have to go on a direct flight.

Often choose a direct flight when traveling with your dog, for quicker transport and better comfort. This will lower the risk that during the exchange of the cargo, your little friend will get trapped for a long time.


6. In advance book

As most airlines have a limited amount of space for dogs, you should always book in advance for this. So now verify the availability.


7. Obtain a fitness certificate and a check-up

For any pet owner, this is mandatory. The airline will ask you to request a health certificate for your dog during the transit period. This is going to prove your dog is safe and can come with you. What’s more, you will even need to request confirmation of vaccination against rabies. One thing you should keep in mind is that you should be given a certified vet doctor’s health certificate for the dog within 10 days of your flight.


8. Place a collar with the tag for identification.

It’s safer for you to tie all the important details to your dog’s collar. For optimum protection, you can also use a collar that has a tracking feature.


9. Always bring a picture with you of your cat.

Attach one photo firmly to the crate and take another photo with you. The airport authority or baggage claim workers can notice the dog looking at the picture in the event of any problem.


10. Think of sedatives carefully,

The American Veterinary Medical Association states that before flying, you should not give your pet sedated as it can make them face health problems, such as nausea. In addition, altered altitude pressure in sedated dogs will cause cardiovascular or respiratory issues. So, think about it and take the same advice from your vet.


So you can take your dog, puppy, or pet on a plane, but it is important to prepare carefully for this. Read all the guidelines for traveling with a dog provided by the airlines and make the appropriate arrangements to give them a comfortable travel experience.

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