benzene exposure limits

Bacon cheeseburgers and French fries will increase weight, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

But what if later research results make these foods safe?

In any case, the diet of many Americans is unhealthy or even harmful. Careful meal planning is becoming more and more necessary and desirable. First, many foods are high in fat and sugar. The fact that these foods monopolize the fast-food choices required by a rapidly changing society exacerbates the problem. Food processing methods steal essential nutrients from once healthy foods. Third, chemicals containing trace amounts of pesticides, artificial flavors and pigments are just another part of the formula. Unfortunately, the danger does not end there. Every day, the food in the food will secretly infiltrate the meal. Because many Americans are unaware, the food itself loses control over people’s own bodies. Toxic gas can also appear on the menu… It has vibrant bubbles, sparkling texture, dancing bubbles, and bursts of energy.

It is used as a soda for food, lunch, or even breakfast. America warmly welcomes soda, juice, and flavored water. In their glasses. However, these delightful drinks are not cheap. Prevalent, these beverages have contributed to the country’s obesity rate to a large extent, but the researchers found more worrying: In addition to high sugar, artificial flavors, and calcium-reducing soda, some sodas even contain Very high sugar content. Toxic substances, sometimes the benzene content is amazing. Is the old soda bottle just a hot industrial company?

How does benzene get into a simple soda can?

The car will release smoke. Above the gas station, benzene is still invisible in the dense, unstoppable fog; the factory produces benzene in the production of certain plastics, chemicals, dyes, and detergents. The air in these workplaces pollutes employees. With these characteristics, benzene is definitely not the type you expect to find in the store aisles. How did he get there?

Many soft drinks contain benzoate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) salts. Both are found in fruit juice drinks. Many other carbonated beverages use them as preservatives or food additives. However, if benzoate and vitamin C come into contact with large amounts of light and/or heat, chemical reactions are highly likely to occur. Benzene is the product of this process.

Can Benzene pollution be prevented?

Therefore, non-alcoholic beverages do not contain benzene. But what if someone only drinks what they buy? What if people only keep their drinks in a cool, shady place

Unimportant. No one can determine the terms of each business. Warehouse or any transportation batch. Once made, benzene will always exist. Even the most perfect treatment and care cannot eliminate the existing damage. Although the presence of any amount of benzene is a problem, the FDA has determined that its concentration must not exceed 5 ppb to pose a threat. But thousands of bottles and cans have never been tested. Before buying, no one can be sure of their beverage history. Scientists cannot be sure how the benzene content affects everyone.

If some people are more sensitive than others?

The study will find that reducing the benzene content tomorrow is really bad? In this case, the facts are easy to change, and the “guarantor” cannot answer the question. In 1990, soft drink companies changed their production methods to prevent the production of benzene. However, from 2005 to 2006, the FDA found that the benzene content in certain products was much higher than 5 ppb.

In addition, this experiment is very inadequate. This study only covers a small part of the country, but not all products or brands. What if the benzene content is actually much higher? Are these discoveries just a glimpse of the terrible reality? Is there a preventive strategy? Unhealthy, foods may contain toxic elements. People can eat a healthy diet by eating low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt, and high-fiber foods. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats are good examples. Possibility of formation of undesirable chemicals. A healthy and natural diet is the best choice, but people do not always have a choice. The FDA recently confirmed that benzene still exists in certain soft drinks. Will pollutants contaminate other products

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